August 12, 2022

Doorline 299.5″ IGU Window

BIG ASS GLASS! The MASSIVE IGU is a monstrous 106" by....299.5" designed for the sole purpose of incredible penthouse views.  Weighing in at roughly 3700 lbs, this double-glazed unit is built…
July 29, 2022

Glass Chiclets!

Glass Chiclets Chiclets Chiclets! They are heavy and serve no other purpose than to showcase laminated glass and all its glory! So why do we pack them up and drag them…
July 22, 2022

Introducing AGNORA SecureGlaze – Security Glazing

We're happy to reveal AGNORA's newest product: SecureGlaze™ SecureGlaze™ is AGNORA's answer to security specific glazing for high-end retail, commercial, institutional, and residential applications. Third-party certification for European P6B and P8B designations allows AGNORA to…