Celine – New York Flagship Storefront

Celine unveiled its most grandiose store design at its New York Flagship location at 650 Madison Ave, in the heart of Manhattan.


Samsung – Toronto Eaton Centre

This undulating, all-glass façade consists of oversized/jumbo, insulated, Low-E, glass units with complex, compound curves, with units up to 20′ in length.

Luxury Retail

AGNORA’s full suite of products and services are uniquely positioned to equip luxury brands with the bold, spacious openings.  From high-performance windows, to custom printing, and even stairways, AGNORA’s meticulous, quality-focused craftsmen draw on a rich culture and knowledge paired with cutting-edge equipment to deliver a genuinely exclusive architectural glass product.   

Making the perfect space.

High-end luxury retail spaces demand the highest quality visual performance.   You want your product, display, brand and interior SEEN.  AGNORA delivers incredible glass makeups to achieve your goals.  From anti-reflective glass (blocking up to 98% of reflection) to low levels of “leopard-spotting” we deliver architectural glass that is virtually unseen.  

Anisotropy Reduction

Reducing the patterns in tempered glass.


Enjoy a sophisticated, stylish corner IGU that is perfectly see-through.

Insulated Glass Units

Capable of producing the larges double/triple glazed windows in N.A.


Sophisticate CNCs create custom shapes, notches and holes.

Heat Soak Testing

Insurance and protection against spontaneous glass breakage.


Building glass thickness and safety through proven interlayers.

Heat Treatment

Tempering and Heat Strengthening for safety and support.

Ceramic Printing

Digital ceramic printing directly to glass.  Beautiful and durable.

The way we do it.

Every piece of high-end glass goes through a series of processes.  Each and every one of these pieces can be altered and changed to provide you with the utmost customization and unique glass products. 

From the largest IGU’s in North America to sophisticated machining for unique shapes and complex curves, AGNORA runs glass through a variety of operations to fulfil one-of-a-kind glass and structures. 

Why work with AGNORA?


An exceptional experience.  That’s what we do at AGNORA.

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North American Made

From the time you order to the time we ship is incredibly fast.  Exceptional turn-around for oversized, architectural glass.

Incredible Quality

AGNORA’s quality has time and time again been of the highest calibre.  World-class institutions and retailers trust AGNORA to fabricate perfect glass.

Customer Experience

Our project managers go above and beyond.  Ask any of our customers, we’re happy to give you the reference.

Award Winning

Customer experience, and incredible employee culture lead to high-output work ethics and attention to detail.  We care about our customers and our people.

Let's Make Something Big!

Let's Build an Experience.