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Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

Simulated divided lite units (SDLs) provide a classic, elegant aesthetic to your luxury windows while maintaining the efficiency inherent to modern day insulated glass.

Not all SDL systems are created equal, and it is vitally important to choose the best solutions partner to meet the high standards associated with luxury homes. A higher standard of craftsmanship, perfect alignment, and incredible IGU performance is what AGNORA provides.


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A traditional look with modern technology.

A traditional look with modern technology.

What is a Simulatd Divided Lite

Multi-pane windows used to be the only method to increase window viewing area, but evolving window technology and the advent of IGUs sidelined their use in favour of large, efficient single pane IGUs.

Today, SDLs serve a purely aesthetic purpose, simulating the look of traditionally made windows while capturing the performance of modern-day IGUs.

Prone to bending, flexing and fitment issues, impeccable craftsmanship is required to avoid poor quality cuts, rattling, and to address straightness.  AGNORA fits the internal shadow bar components of the SDL system, while a glazing professional will place an exterior bar to complete the SDL unit aesthetic.  The shadow bars will provide the appropriate shading and shadow when viewing an overall SDL unit.


We use a heavier version of aluminum that is a 30% thicker gauge (0.2” vs 0.14”) than traditional SDL extrusions resulting in rigidity, straightness, and resistance to flex.


We use corner connectors or “keepers” that becomes invisible when fully embedded in the SDL system. The centre cross-sections also contain a bumper to mitigate any rattling and internal damage.


We employ sophisticated cutting equipment to create precise, clean cuts that perfectly align for a final tolerance of ± 1mm.  High-quality and fine craftsmanship lead to incredibly durable and long lasting SDL solutions from AGNORA.

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