Manhattan Penthouse

This Manhattan Penthouse enjoys luxurious views of New York city’s skyline viewed, through high-performance, Saint Gobain insulated LowE glass windows


The Grotto Sauna

Perched on granite bedrock on the Canadian Shield

Residential Glass

Explore just how diverse our window (IGU) lineup is.  We’ve got you covered.  Big glass, elaborate glass, custom skylights, showers and even elevators.  There’s not a lot we won’t create with glass.  We are masters of our craft, creators of extraordinary spaces. 

Making the perfect space.

Your luxury home is more than a collection of wood, siding, faucets and doors.  It’s a reflection of the work that you’ve done and the passion for your unique space.  Windows are the ultimate medium – connecting you to the outside world and maintaining perfect comfort.  AGNORA delivers bespoke, high-quality solutions for the discerning eye. 

Simulated Divided Lites

Providing a traditional aesthetic to the modern window.

Ascent IGU

A perfectly sealed window for elevations above 2000′.


A seamless corner window, featuring uninterrupted views.

Anisotropy Reduction

Reducing the patterns in tempered glass.

Insulated Glass Units

Capable of producing the larges double/triple glazed windows in N.A.


Sophisticate CNCs create custom shapes, notches and holes.


Building glass thickness and safety through proven interlayers.

Heat Treatment

Tempering and Heat Strengthening for safety and support.

The way we do it.

Every piece of high-end glass goes through a series of processes.  Each and every one of these can be altered and changed to provide you with the utmost customization and unique glass products. 

From the largest IGU’s in North America to sophisticated machining for unique windows, staircases, showers, or counters, we eagerly create and develop one-of-a-kind glass solutions for the modern home. 

Why work with AGNORA?


An exceptional experience.  That’s what we do at AGNORA.

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North American Made

From the time you order to the time we ship is incredibly fast.  Exceptional turn-around for oversized, architectural glass.

Incredible Quality

AGNORA’s quality has time and time again been of the highest calibre.  World-class institutions and retailers trust AGNORA to fabricate perfect glass.

Customer Experience

Our project managers go above and beyond.  Ask any of our customers, we’re happy to give you the reference.

Award Winning

Customer experience, and incredible employee culture lead to high-output work ethics and attention to detail.  We care about our customers and our people.

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