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A Rock Divided

Arise Donor Wall – Custom Digitally Printed Frit

Google Screens

Vesterheim Commons – Custom Printed Frit

Lion House at Lincoln Park Zoo

Fearless Girl – Broken Ceiling

Kasmin Gallery – NYC

CN Tower Hallway: AGNORA has fabricated the interior walls, over 150, digitally printed, 6 ml, monolithic panels. 

CN Tower – Toronto

Interior view of Pierre Lassonde Pavillion, in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, showcasing 5-Layer Laminated Glass Fins

Pierre Lassonde Pavilion – Musée des Beaux-Arts du Québec

Gilded woolly mammoth encased in oversize insulated glass units

Damien Hirst’s Gilded Woolly Mammoth

Side view of the all-glass staircase at the Onassis Cultural Center showcasing the stairs, ballustrades and railing.

Onassis All-Glass Staircase

Queens Museum

TKTS Staircase with Low iron, acid-etch red backlit laminate treads.


Exterior shot of the Art Institute of Chicago with AGNORA fabricated glass.

Art Institute of Chicago

Exterior shot of Oversized insulated glass units for Aspen Art Museum's entrance.

Aspen Art Museum

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