One Young

An incredible facade of one-of-a-kind digital, ceramic print.


Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station

This vivaNext station commands a presence with its flat-glass, curved-frame, canopy.


Kansas University

The glass mural, measuring 66’ 1” wide x 12’ 4” tall, with a digitally-printed depiction of the history of Kansas University Basketball is comprised of 13 panels.


The Oculus - Assemblée Nationale du Québec

An enduring centrepiece of highly detailed fabrication.



Extraordinary experiences in every space.

Commercial & Institutional

Our full suite of services is designed to cater to high-end, custom and often oversized glass products.  From custom stairways to exhibits, from custom curves to high-performance windows of incredible size, AGNORA’s low-volume, high-quality glass fabricators handily assemble some of the most complex glass pieces in the world.

Making the perfect space.

High-end commercial and institutional spaces require the best-in-class window systems that both fit the beautiful aesthetic, yet remain steadfast and strong for years on end.  AGNORA creates some of the highest quality products in North America.  See our projects for yourself, they speak volumes.

Anisotropy Reduction

Reducing the patterns in tempered glass.


A seamless corner window, featuring uninterrupted views.

Insulated Glass Units

Capable of producing the larges double/triple glazed windows in N.A.


Sophisticate CNCs create custom shapes, notches and holes.

Heat Soak Testing

Insurance and protection against spontaneous glass breakage.


Building glass thickness and safety through proven interlayers.

Heat Treatment

Tempering and Heat Strengthening for safety and support.

Ceramic Printing

Digital ceramic printing directly to glass.  Beautiful and durable.

The way we do it.

Every piece of high-end glass goes through a series of processes.  Each and every one of these can be altered and changed to provide you with the utmost in customization and unique glass products. 

From the largest IGU’s in North America to sophisticated machining for unique windows, staircases, showers, display cases, fins and structural glass components, AGNORA is unique in our ability to take on challenges and produce glass solutions that fit your distinctive design and accomplishes your design vision.  

Why work with AGNORA?


An exceptional experience.  That’s what we do at AGNORA.

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North American Made

From the time you order to the time we ship is incredibly fast.  Exceptional turn-around for oversized, architectural glass.

Incredible Quality

AGNORA’s quality has time and time again been of the highest calibre.  World-class institutions and retailers trust AGNORA to fabricate perfect glass.

Customer Experience

Our project managers go above and beyond.  Ask any of our customers, we’re happy to give you the reference.

Award Winning

Customer experience, and incredible employee culture lead to high-output work ethics and attention to detail.  We care about our customers and our people.

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