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Digital Ceramic Printing on Architectural Glass

AGNORA’s leading edge Dip-Tech NeraD ceramic printer provides incredible imaging possibilities for high-quality architectural glass applications. From printing custom artwork, to bird friendly frit, to entire building murals, AGNORA provides perfectly implemented, permanent, and striking oversize (up to 130" x 300”) custom digital print solutions.

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Limitless Design

Any Design Directly on Glass

Apply any design, any picture, or any pattern you wish to your glass. Much like your office printer, the digital print process allows you to output anything that you create.

The DipTech NeraD is a robust ceramic printer capable of outputting up to 1440 dpi through 12 ink channels. Using the proprietary DMix colour management system, AGNORA can closely match a wide gamut of colours to match your brand standards or vision.

If we don’t have the right colour for you, AGNORA’s expert print specialist can create a custom mix for your application and can vary opacities to suit your needs.

Ceramic Inks on Oversized Glass

A Permanent Solution

Ceramic inks require intense heat to fully cure, thus each printed lite undergoes tempering in which the ink fully bonds to the glass, providing incredible durability, fade resistance, and longevity for the life of the glass.

AGNORA’s Dip-Tech NeraD is one-of-a-kind in North America, able to print on glass up to 130” x 300” (3.3×7.6m) and thicknesses ranging from 0.2” to 0.75” (5mm to 19mm).

Focus on Knowledge

The Right Industry Experts

AGNORA’s print specialists are extremely detailed and are veterans of the custom print industry. With over 100+ years of combined print experience, we save time and effort by providing industry-leading know-how, yielding a no-surprise outcome for your project.