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Focused on delivering incredible oversized and custom glass for luxury retailers across North America.
AGNORA delivers superior quality, timeliness, and custom glass features you can't get anywhere else in North America.


Download this 1-page information sheet about WHY to choose AGNORA for your next retail project.

Best Practice Materials

The right glass material choice is critical for both the clarity and durability of the storefront.  Glass thickness, and overall transparency all play a vital role in how well shoppers can see and interact with the storefront.

Coatings For Retail

We are all familiar with performance coatings to maximize solar and thermal efficiency, but new coatings continue to become available and influence the market.  Find out how to optimize storefronts with coatings and garner a high-end look.

To Temper or Not to Temper

The strongest glass is tempered glass, true, but is it the right choice for a storefront?  Laminated annealed and heat strengthened glass can be as strong; find out the benefits of each option and how to best use tempering to limit distortion and improve security.

Why work with AGNORA?


An exceptional experience.  That’s what we do at AGNORA.

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North American Made

From the time you order to the time we ship is incredibly fast.  Exceptional turn-around for oversized, architectural glass.

Incredible Quality

AGNORA’s quality has time-and-time again been of the highest caliber.  World class institutions such as the FAA trust AGNORA to fabricate perfect glass.

Customer Experience

Our project managers go above and beyond.  Ask any of our customers, we’re happy to give you the reference.

Award Winning

Customer experience, and incredible employee culture lead to high-output work ethics and attention to detail.  We care about our customers and our people.