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CNC Precision in Architectural Glass

Custom, high quality, oversized architectural glass goes through an incredible transformation from its original form to the its final shape. Experienced CNC operators crete brilliant work of art that include custom shapes for art exhibits, staircases, custom window shapes and skylights.

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Polished to Perfection

The Finest Finishing Available

The 3-axis multitool head allows for the use of an incredible array of finishing tools and levels of polish.   For complex pieces of work involving notches, holes and compound corners, the CNC can provide an exceptionally high polish through its clay wheel.  When available, AGNORA’s single edge polisher provides a mirror-like finish for exposed edges such as railings and stairway stringers.

Notches & Holes

Down to the .5 Millimetre Accuracy

CNC’s are the gateway to custom glass structures and incredible design seen in art exhitis, stairways, museums and other custom installations using custom architectural glass. To achieve such intricate designs require the use of holes, notches and fasteners to join and connect components.  AGNORA produced highly precise notches, holes and mitres that perfectly align even when laminated.

World Leading Tech

Investment in The Right Tech

AGNORA’s Intermac CNC’s can produce exquisite, curved, polished, and notched architectural glass lites.  The real magic is our investment in the right technology that help our clients realize their vision.  That means:

  • The largest Intermac CNC in North America at 355″ (9m) in overall accepted length.  This means we can customize incredibly large glass up to 130″ x 300″
  • AGNORA actively uses and staffs a total of FOUR (4) Intermac CNC’s to ensure that your custom architectural glass is fabricated on time for your demanding project timelines
  • Highly experienced operators manipulate the glass, cut files and equipment to produce glass that is highly accurate.  Precision is their goal.