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Audi Dealership – Unique Design Challenges

Unique, innovative, custom facades are the hallmark of Audi dealerships across the world.  Their design ethos centres around the creation of a unique brand experience that is both iconic and unmistakable in any environment.  Just like Audi’s vehicles, nothing short of extraordinary performance and beautiful aesthetics will suffice.

Challenges present themselves in any construction.  When the new Audi dealership in St.Catharines was built, the distinctive building design required a unique glazing solution for a prominent corner of the building.  A steel beam impeded the installation of traditional Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s), resulting in the need for a specialized solution.  AGNORA’s Vision90 [IGU] was the perfect product to meet these uncommon circumstances for Fairview Glass & Mirror Limited (Fairview), the glazier responsible for the challenging installation.

Vision90 in Retail

The Vision90 is a proprietary insulated glass unit (IGU), designed and fabricated by AGNORA. Traditional IGU's meet at a corner, leading to an "overlap" creating an unsightly join. The Vision90 eliminates this look by marrying four (4) mitered pieces of glass, a spacer, and a proprietary sealant to create a glass corner yielding perfect visibility.

Fairview had a condition that was hard to glaze in a traditional sense. A post in the corner of the building was so close to the glass that it would not allow Fairview to properly seal two traditional IGU’s at the corner. Fairview asked if AGNORA could make the Vision90 corner unit for this installation, since the corner comes as a single glazed product.

This type is IGU is serving a purpose that is unique to the market AGNORA originally designed it for. We envisioned this beautiful glass for homes and galleries and here it is making it easier for the glazier to install around a site condition.