Adam Golinczak

Construction Management Firm

Dickinson Cameron Construction


Blue Water Glass

Dior – Houston

Oversized, laminated and tempered exterior glass doors along with a digital, ceramic-printed branded Dior sign.


AGNORA is home to North & South America’s largest digital ceramic in-glass printer. Our highly skilled Digital Print Technicians use the Dip-Tech AR8000W to provide digital in-glass solutions that combine the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility of digital printing.

Whether searching for functional solutions such as solar control or seeking leading-edge technology for artistically vibrant and creative visual displays, digital ceramic printing offers a field-proven solution for exterior and interior glass printing applications.

AGNORA’s digital printing process applies ceramic ink directly to the glass surface. After printing, the glass goes through our tempering oven; fusing the ceramic ink permanently into the surface of the glass. This results in powerful resistance to scratching, UV, and weather; ensuring long-lasting vivid colors. The printed glass can then be laminated or insulated.

Interested in digital ceramic printing? View our Kansas University project – where we printed the history of basketball on a huge mural.