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Pilkington North America

Samsung – Toronto Eaton Centre

This undulating, all-glass façade consists of oversized/jumbo, insulated, Low-E, glass units with complex, compound curves,with units up to 20′ in length.

From the curvature of the storefront to the spiral of the infinity staircase (one continuous curve, weighing 60,000 lbs!) the new Samsung Experience Store, ebbs and flows like a wave on the ocean. It emerges with the latest electronics and pulls in visitors with its stunning all-glass facade.


Quadrangle Architects was hired by client Samsung for their downtown Toronto location. Located at the Cadillac Fairview Eaton Centre, Quadrangle describes the store as a “fluid, contemporary design created to enhance the retail experience and delight visitors’ through innovative, hands-on participation.

The visitor’s journey starts with the undulating, exterior façade, consisting of more than 60 oversized laminated and insulated glass units. Technical CNC work enabled the fabrication of the jumbo, complex, compound curves, with units up to 20’ in length.

To help ensure the façade didn’t interfere with the experience of the store, the glazier, Just Aluminum & Glass, required a toggle system. Toggles eliminate the need for traditional framing (such as pressure plate & cap), so there is no visible metal holding the storefront in place. This results in an all-glass facade. AGNORA recommended the Swedish Skandinaviska glazing system which uses glazing pockets that insert into the silicone seal of the insulated glass unit. This system, which is known for its flexibility and simplicity, also offers longevity and cost-efficiencies.

As the project neared completion, AGNORA worked with Just Aluminum & Glass behind the scenes to keep logistics in fluid motion. When installing glass for high-end retailers in high-traffic areas, there are many hurdles such as lane closures, mid-night deliveries, tight access, etc. To mitigate any delivery delays or risks, AGNORA worked extensively with Just Aluminum to map out delivery in the same sequence in which they needed to install the fabricated glass. We reorganized shipments and moved glass around to deliver more glass in fewer trucks; keeping budgets in check and offering cost-savings as well.

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