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Luxury Residences. Every single element on the custom design is painstakingly selected, planned and fabricated. Floors, ceilings, accent walls, texture, contours. Not a single thing is left unchecked.

Luxury windows are no exception and the adage "Bigger Is Better" has never been truer for this unique building material. Learn more about the benefits, size and configurations for high-end luxury windows from AGNORA.




Natural light is one of the most desirable traits of any home.  A 2014 survey revealed that homebuyers prioritized natural light in their purchase decision and that 80% of respondents were prepared to spend additional money to ensure that the property was built with natural light as a feature.   It’s no secret that natural light creates a more comfortable space and improves overall well-being, and the best way to get that daylight in your home is through BIG openings.

How BIG can you go?  AGNORA is able to produce fully sealed, double and triple insulated glass units (IGU / windows) up to 130″ x 300″ (3.3 x 7.6m) on our fully automated IGU line.  That’s the BIGGEST in North America.  We offer the ultimate quality by combining leading-edge in-line scanning equipment and hand inspection on each unit to ensure your custom IGU (window) is pristine and ready for installation at any custom home across the U.S. and Canada.


Beautiful homes integrate and create harmony with the exterior and surrounding natural elements.   BIG windows allow for uninterrupted views of all that the outside world has to offer, creating a grounded, connected feeling between you and your surroundings.

AGNORA offers an array of high-quality low-iron glass from suppliers such as Saint Gobain, Pilkington, and Guardian Glass.  To maximize clarity we stock the latest in anti-reflective coatings to increase the visual transparency by an additional 3-6%.  In fact, we can provide solutions with only 1-2% light reflectance.  Now that’s clear.


Controlling solar heat and increasing thermal efficiency is incredibly important when working with oversized and custom IGU’s (windows).  AGNORA contends with different regional requirements and stocks and a variety of coatings to satisfy most requirements.  From the hot coastal Florida sun to the windy tops of Montana’s mountains, different glazing and coating makeups are used to satisfy our client’s needs.

Carrying the latest in both solar control and passive Low-e coatings, AGNORA can work with you to mediate and control the sun heating energy.

For those luxury mountain top homes, we carry the award-winning Ascent IGU, a fully sealed, argon-filled IGU capable of performing as well as standard IGU’s at elevations over 2000′.

For those seeking an elegant, seamless, perfectly clear corner solution, we produce the innovative Vision90.  This award-winning design affords the homeowner with truly exceptional, uninterrupted views.

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