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For Forced Entry and Burglar Protection

Oversized Security Glass

The only North American glass fabricator that can produce security/burglar proof glass up to 130″ x 300″

Residential to Retail

Designed for use from everything from flying golf blass to the most aggressive robbers, we keep people and things where they belong. 

Proven & Certified

All of AGNORA’s safety glazing is independently teste and third-party certified.  Don’t take our word for it. Take our certificates.

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“AGNORA’s customer service was excellent. They were very responsive to our needs in regards to changes on the fly during the installation process. The glass was fabricated with great edgework and alignment, and it was packaged perfectly for us. It was delivered right on time when we needed it. Their team was on point.”

W+W Glass, NYC

How Does Security Glazing Work?

AGNORA glass undergoes a process known as lamination which combines two (2) thinner pieces of glass together to form a thicker more resilient piece.  This forms the security glazing.

Laminates are extremely tear and puncture-resistant, designed to keep everything from car windshields from shattering and can even support broken glass bridges, skylights,  railings and other structural assemblies.

Laminates can be further layered to creat an even more impenetrable surface.  Our top security glass can resist impacts by midsized pickup trucks.  That’s tough glass!



For lite use in residential applications



The go-to for secure retail storefronts



Maximum security for interiors


Are your certifications useful anywhere in the world?

YES!  AGNORA uses the European Standard EN356 which can be used worldwide.  P5A, P6B and P8B offer equivalent protection to ASTM ___, ____, and ____ for forced entry and burglar resistance.  Many European-based brands also adhere to this exacting standard, which creates a seamless transition in the construction of North American stores.  Lastly, the EN356 standard provides a more robust, repeatable and destructive testing methodology, ensuring that you receive the top rated component.  Looking for a deep dive into the comparable standards and ratings and how they relate to you? Check out https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/breaking-down-standards-security-glazing-agnora/

Is there a size limitation?

Just your imagination!  In fact, as the largest glass fabricators in North America, you can fully certified security glazing up to 130″ x 300.” That’s a lot of coverage! 

How thick and heavy is security glass?

Here are the size and thickness requirements for each level of security glazing

  • P5A – 14.3mm | 30 kg/m²  or 0.55″ | 6.14 lbs/ft²
  • P6B – 15mm | 30 kg/m²  or 0.60″ | 6.14 lbs/ft²
  • P8B – 22.6mm | 45 kg/m²  or 0.90″ | 9.22 lbs/ft²

Do you offer bullet resistant or bullet proof glass?

Not yet – but AGNORA’s range of bulletproof glass for high-risk buildings (banks, military, healthcare, etc) will arrive soon! 

Can this glass be used in any frame system?

Yes, security glazing can be used in any window framing system that will accept the width.  An important caveat to that for a fully secure system, all components (glass, frame, and hardware) are also accredited for complete peace of mind.