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Oversized Glass Designed for Zoo and Aquariums


Download this convenient one-pager on AGNORA’s Zoo Glass and Aquarium Glazing products.

North American Made

The only North American glass fabricator that can produce structural zoo glass up to 130″ x 300″

4-6 Week Lead Times

Ensuring your project stays on time your habitat is quickly enclosed.

Certified Impact Rated

AGNORA’s zoo glass is independently tested and third-party certified.  Don’t take our word for it.  Take our certificates.


Unparalleled Safety and Clarity with

AGNORA Zoo & Aquarium Glass Solutions

Welcome to the frontier of zoo and aquarium glass technology, where safety meets spectacle. Our North American-manufactured glass is not just an enclosure but a clear window to the natural world, offering an immersive experience like no other.  Designed specifically for zoos and aquariums, our state-of-the-art glass solutions provide unrivalled transparency and protection, ensuring that every exhibit is both breathtakingly vivid and exceptionally secure.

Why Choose Us for Zoo Glass

Fastest Lead Times in North America: We understand the importance of meeting project deadlines, which is why we offer the fastest lead times in the industry, ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. Don’t compromise on quality or speed with our swift and efficient service.

Largest Glass Panels: Size matters when it comes to immersive exhibits. Our glass panels, the largest in North America at 130″ x 300″, allow for expansive, uninterrupted views of your zoo or aquarium habitats, creating an engaging experience for visitors.

Accredited Impact Ratings: Safety is our top priority. Our glass is tested and accredited with impact ratings suitable for the most powerful creatures, from rhinos and lions to apes and gorillas. Rest assured, our glass stands as a formidable barrier, safeguarding both the animals and your visitors.

Locally Manufactured: Proudly made in North America, our zoo and aquarium glass supports local manufacturing while ensuring the highest quality standards. By choosing us, you’re not only getting the best in glass technology but also contributing to the local economy.


Providing certified, impact-rated glass for a variety of zoo enclosures. Ensure the longevity of the glass and visitor and animal safety.  Take the guesswork out of your glass requirements.

Animal Weight

Max Speed

Impact Energy

Impact Rated Glass

Example Ply


12 kg

0.28 m/s

0.47 J


5mm | PVB | 5mm


35 kg

0.7 m/s

8.57 J


5mm | PVB | 5mm


180 kg

11 m/s

10890 J


6mm | PVB | 6mm


1500 kg

8 m/s

48000 J

P8B x 2



190 kg

21 m/s

41895 J

P8B x 2


Reduce Operational Costs & Improve Visitor Experience

Incredible coating technologies allow glass to breath new life into your animal habitats and maximize the visibility of the animals.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Ensure that animals do not react to their reflection and limit aggression due to the reflection from large glass surfaces. Avialable up to 130" x 300."


DFI - Reduced Cleaning

Using nano coating technology AGNORA reduces cleaning frequency by up to 90%, a sizeable reduction in maintenance hours.


Bird-Friendly Glass

As large glass is used throughout outdoor habitats, the importance of protecting birds in fly-through zones is an imporant consideration. AGNORA produces oversized bird-friendly glass with incredible threat avoidance.


What are the certifications used in Zoo Glass?

Zoo and Aquarium glass falls in line with the current generation of impact-rated glass.  AGNORA use EN 356 ratings to test the durability of glass makeups and the overall maximum energy a glass lite can endure.  These ratings are third-party verified, with certificates available upon request. Originally designed to ensure the safety of storefronts and luxury residences, the same applies for the safety of occupants and animals within the zoo. 

Is there a size limitation?

Just your imagination!  In fact, as the largest glass fabricators in North America, you can fully certify zoo and aquarium glazing up to 130″ x 300.” That’s a lot of coverage! 

How thick and heavy is Zoo Glass?

Here are the size and thickness examples for a variety of ratings. 

  • P5A – 14.3mm | 30 kg/m²  or 0.55″ | 6.14 lbs/ft²
  • P6B – 15mm | 30 kg/m²  or 0.60″ | 6.14 lbs/ft²
  • P8B – 22.6mm | 45 kg/m²  or 0.90″ | 9.22 lbs/ft²

Is there scratch resistant glazing?

In fact, the Diamon-Fusion coating used to minimize cleaning cycles also builds a tough outer layer, perfect to stop scratches from beaks, claws, and other sharp animal parts. 

Can this glass be used in any frame system?

Yes, Zoo Glass and Aquarium Glazing can be used in any framing system that will accept the width. 

Do the interlayers affect common silicones and sealants?

No, common DOW and similar sealants bond with interlayers used at AGNORA.  


Download this convenient one-pager on AGNORA’s Zoo Glass and Aquarium Glazing products.

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