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10th Anniversary Donation to Tim Hortons Camp Day

The BIG 10. At AGNORA we love BIG. It’s not only what we do it’s who we are. We sell BIG glass and we are BIG on our company culture, but most of all we have BIG hearts.

During our first 10 years, we built a company culture that won awards. We made a name for ourselves in the glass industry, and we have prided ourselves on the amazing people that come in every day.  They deliver exceptionally BIG experiences for not only our customers but perhaps even more importantly for each other.

We get what culture means, and we understand what a BIG experience can do. It can shape and mould us. It can set us up for success and help us reach for dreams. BIG inspires. In honour of our BIG 10th Anniversary, AGNORA wanted to give back, making a $5, 000 donation to Tim Hortons Camp Day.

Camp Day provides the opportunity for youth across the country to participate in the summer camp experience. Leadership, friendship, fun and a once of a lifetime opportunity for some of these campers. To the campers, it is a BIG deal. It’s the chance to go camping and build skillsets that stay with them for a lifetime. In that sense, it aligned perfectly with AGNORA’s kind values.

10 years in business is a BIG deal and we are so happy to thrive in a community that recognizes that.

AGNORA would like to recognize Sarah Trude, Franchisee and General Manager or Tim Hortons Collingwood for helping to organize and run this program.

See our feature in Collingwood Today: https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?m=18299&i=688615&p=52