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This stunning display produced by Carvel Creative and designed by Henrik Håkansson is known as a Rock Divided. The work explores the intersection of time, weight, and value in contrast with its surroundings.

The engineering behind the suspended 6′ x 4′ granite boulder is astounding. Weighing as much as a rhinoceros at 7000 lbs, this boulder was split into four sections, with custom mounting plates embedded into the rock itself. Perfectly positioned holes in the glass aligned with mounting hardware to suspend the rocks in place.

The glass is a testament to the structural strength of the material when constructed properly.

The makeup included x2 6mm tempered Energy Advantage and Trosifol & SentryGlas SentryGlas, sandwiching a piece of heat-strengthened 12mm Pilkington Architectural Glass Optiwhite. Four units in total were constructed to form the assembly and contain holes to support not only the rock but also for a steel support plate in the concrete base.

Each unit measured roughly 58″ x 121″ and as this art display has exposed glass edges, AGNORA’s Perfect Align Polish was used to provide ultimate clarity knowing the public display would be admired and touched by viewers.

Image Credit – Carvel Creative

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