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Providing exceptional quality, AGNORA is the first North American processor to receive the designation.

Collingwood Ontario, Canada – As part of AGNORA’s ongoing commitment to quality, integrity and processes, Saint-Gobain recently awarded AGNORA with the ExproClub Silver badge, which acknowledges exceptional processing and product quality.

The coveted badge is given to glass processors who show superior attention to detail and quality.  AGNORA is the only glass fabricator in the Western Hemisphere to hold this designation, and one of only 15 fabricators worldwide who are ExproClub certified processors.

Theo Jegorel, PhD, Technical and Quality Manager for Saint-Gobain Glass International explains, “AGNORA doesn’t just talk about quality, they live it.”  That sentiment is echoed by Graeme Scobbie, Head of Manufacturing at AGNORA, “We welcomed the opportunity to have a glass partner come and see how AGNORA ticks.  We’re proud of our quality and knowingly spend time and resources to make superior glass products.  The report also showed areas of improvement, a welcome assessment from a fresh set of eyes that can push our quality that much further.”

The extensive report focuses on 5S, customer satisfaction, people, quality management, safety, and technical capability.  The report noted AGNORA’s attention to machine maintenance, the firm-wide commitment to quality, and the quality control measures and practices.

An additional benefit of having the ExproClub Silver badge is a closer working relationship with Saint-Gobain Glass International and other certified partners to exchange ideas, processes, and innovations. A stronger working relationship also means firsthand knowledge of emerging products and technology on new trends such as sustainability and bird-friendly glass.

“It’s pointing us in the right direction.  We know we do great work, but the access to more industry knowledge and polishing our own processes are really where the value lies,” says Scobbie.  “We’re thankful for the Saint-Gobain team and helping us to keep ahead of the curve.”