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April 19, 2024

Commercial property windows serve as vital portals to the world, offering a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and an often overlooked necessity — security. From retail establishments to corporate high-rises, the choice of window glass can significantly impact a property’s vulnerability to break-ins, natural disasters, and human safety.

In response to the growing concern for window security, impact-rated glass is emerging as a necessary addition to any safety blueprint. Explore the significant advantages of adopting EN 356 and AGNORA SecureGlaze™ for your commercial windows, shedding light on how this investment secures both the immediate and long-term future of your property.

Understanding the Standards: EN 356

Glass in commercial properties undergoes daily encounters with possible threats, ranging from attempted forced entries to environmental stressors like storms or seismic events. The European Standard EN 356, a rigorous classification, evaluates the resistance of glass to impact and subsequent physical attacks. This standard is comprehensive, taking into account a variety of factors including the impact energy and the number of strikes a particular glass can withstand.

The Breakdown of EN 356
EN 356 classifies glass into different categories, with ratings ranging from P1A to P5A. The highest standard, P5A, signifies a glass that can withstand multiple blows of various tools, making it nearly impervious to break-ins. For commercial properties concerned with high value assets or critical data, choosing EN 356-rated glass is a critical step in fortifying their first line of defense.

Why EN 356 Matters for Your Business
The level of protection guaranteed by EN 356-rated glass not only safeguards the property’s contents and inhabitants but also bolsters the reputation of the business. This level of security assurance can be a compelling factor in insurance negotiations, reducing premiums while providing peace of mind.

AGNORA SecureGlaze™ Technology

AGNORA, a pioneer in the fabrication of oversized architectural glass, has propelled the industry forward with its SecureGlaze™ technology. This is more than a response to EN 356; it’s an advancement, ensuring that security is seamlessly integrated with high-quality glass production.

Setting New Benchmarks with AGNORA SecureGlaze™
AGNORA’s SecureGlaze™ technology goes beyond the EN 356 standard, offering a modern glass solution that combines increased security with transparency and aesthetics. Created for customization, it caters to the unique security needs and design visions of various commercial spaces.

A Glimpse into Enhanced Security
The testament of any standard or technology is its performance in the field. With AGNORA SecureGlaze™, case studies and testimonials paint a picture of thwarted break-in attempts and safely contained blasts from within and without. One could compare it to the hidden armor of a warrior, offering protection with a quiet, unobtrusive efficiency.

Design and Aesthetic Considerations

Commercial properties are as diverse as the businesses they host, and so are their architectural styles. The adoption of impact-rated glass need not come at the expense of design integrity. In fact, it can enhance the beauty of your space by allowing for more natural light and unobstructed views.

Blending Security with Aesthetics
The common misconception that secure means unsightly is dispelled when one sees the integration of AGNORA SecureGlaze™ into the architecture of a commercial property. It combines the advantages of high impact resistance with the elegance of clear, aesthetic glass treatments.

Customization and Personalization
Each commercial property has unique needs and, thanks to advancements like AGNORA SecureGlaze™, customization is now at the forefront. Property owners and architects are empowered to create bespoke security solutions that blend seamlessly with the structure’s identity.

The Evidence is Clear

The decision to fortify your commercial windows with impact-rated glass such as EN 356 or AGNORA SecureGlaze™ is more than a security enhancement — it’s a reflection of a proactive and responsible approach to property management. As threats evolve, so must our defenses, and these advanced glass solutions demonstrate a commitment to staying one step ahead.

The benefits span from immediate safety to long-term sustainability, and the aesthetic flexibility ensures that security need not be a visible constraint on design. Now, as you consider the future of your commercial property, window by window, it’s clear that the case for impact-rated glass is compelling and essential.

For property owners, architects, and safety professionals, the call is to action. A window is more than just a transparent barrier; it is a shield, a view into the values of the property it serves. It’s time to crystallize that view with the clarity of safety and the promise of a secure future. Your windows, your walls, your security engine: Invest in the armor invisible, and reap the benefits for years to come.

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