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AGNORA has been featured as a top employer in this Simcoe County promotional video.

Ontario is one of the most beautiful, vibrant and thriving areas in all of North America. It’s also home to a very special community, Simcoe County. Home to sixteen towns and townships. All full of amazing people, companies, convenience and beauty. Come with us for the trip of a lifetime. And learn how Simcoe County is quickly becoming the world’s greatest business destination.
Strategically located just forty-five minutes north of Toronto. In the heart of central Ontario, Simcoe County isn’t just an amazing place to visit for vacationers, it’s truly the most amazing place to run your business.

Richard Wilson, President of AGNORA on why he operates his business here:

“We own a large glass factory. Most of our work is in the United States, forty percent is in New York alone. There’s so many benefits to living in Simcoe County. I’m an hour and a half away from a metropolitan airport. I can drive to Toronto and fly anywhere in the world direct our tax base is
good. The other benefit of being here is that I’m living in a small community, that’s affordable for our employees and everyone else to work. We’re working where we play. Being in Simcoe County, your life is so fulfilled because you are living a wonderful experience. When you’re at work or play. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

Watch the video below to learn more.