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We’ve been on a printing kick lately and are continuing the trend with this beautiful installment in Janesville, WI by Deedee Morrison. The “ARISE Now” Donor Wall is a beautiful symmetry of stainless steel, glass, print, and colour.

As with all custom print, sampling and ideas are in a state of constant evolution.  Joe Lindsey, AGNORA’s print specialist says, “There’s a lot of refinement that goes into the final design. We developed many samples to analyze the colours and how the final installment would be rendered.”

The final design is a distilled integration of laser-cut metal and uniquely printed glass.  The makeup of which included:

– x2 laminated, heat strengthened ½” (12mm) clear lites.  AGNORA’s ability to heat strengthen thicker glass (1/2” – ¾”) is a considerable benefit
– Digital Ceramic Frit printed on surface 2 (laminate side)
– The final assemble was x3 96” x 71.5” pieces, staked side-by-side for a total area of 96” x 214.5” (8’ x ~18’)

The wall recognizes the generous donations made for the future of Janesville, with the art expressing foundation, growth, and revitalization; a symbolic story of the rejuvenated downtown core.

Special thank you to Deedee Morrison for sharing these pictures.