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Featured in the retail focus issue of USGlass (July 2020).

AGNORA fabricated over 36500 lbs or 18 TONS of oversized glass choosing Guardian Glass’s low iron, superior antireflective products to provide clarity and definition to the stores brilliant interior while reducing intense reflection and light pollution emanating from neighbouring buildings. Naturally, oversized glass was an obvious choice to provide a full field of view to the interior.

– At an Immense Scale

Celine marked the first ever installation of jumbo anti-reflective glass at the retail level forAGNORA.

The project entailed 21 units measuring an immense 93” x 190” and weighing in at 1886 lbs per unit.  Each unit consisted of a total of five (5) pieces of laminated glass (three (3) outboard and two (2) inboard).  The outboard layers included Sentry Glass protection interlayers and antireflection coating on the first and second surface, while the inboard portion included a low emissivity coating and anti-reflective coating on the third and fourth surfaces respectively.  These two portions were then assembled within AGNORA’s world-class Insulated Glass line to form the final Insulated Glass Unit (IGU).




AJL Designs and Installation

MEETING TIMELINES – Incredible Precision in Fabrication

New York is a demanding city to work in, especially in the very heart of Manhattan.  Permits, vendors, labour and materials must be precisely scheduled in order to maintain timelines and manage risk.  Big, architectural glass is no different, and Agnora was commissioned by AJL Designs and Installation to produce this project due to the history of precise, on-time delivery in combination with unparalleled quality and customer service.

The Oculus was a highly complex project to fabricate.  James Cole, Project Manager at AGNORA states, “This was one of the most technically difficult jobs I’ve put through fabrication.  Our team really knows their stuff, and everything was installed without rejection or difficulty, the first time.”

INSTALLATION – A Tight Squeeze

As with most areas of New York, space is at an absolute premium which can result in unique challenges when installing oversized glass.  AJL Designs and Installation designed and produced a custom “gantry system” to bring the glass along the sidewalk and into place.  With only 4’ of room to work, and nearly 2000 lbs of glass to shuttle with each window, this novel design was a must for the success of this project.  The final rig measured 240”L x 240”H x 36”D and was built in the chill of the New York winter.  The first assembly installation took 14 hours and took 13 people to fully complete.