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THE WARM EDGE SPACER is HERE! AGNORA is now using the Chromatech Ultra Warm Edge Spacer (WES) as our go-to for all IGUs.


The Chromatech Ultra WES provides significant advantages over traditional stainless steel and aluminium spacers with thermal conductivity of 0.17 W/m2C compared to 15 W/m2C for stainless steel. This reduces or eliminates condensation and sweating along the edge of the window and correspondingly reduces potential water damage and mould.

The Chromatech Ultra finishes cleanly with corner keys and can be formed into shapes for custom window applications.

We’re always looking for the best in window technology and high quality finishes for our products. The warm edge spacer, as a standard, brings another quality element to the forefront of AGNORA’s product line.

Check out the one page for info on the superior thermal performance, available sizes, and advantages for high-quality windows!


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