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AGNORA is on the cover of National Glass Association (NGA) Glass Magazine’s Annual Guide to Fabricators! The Caymus Winery is a worthy cover model as it’s a beautiful project with many industry firsts.  It’s the project that spurred on ASTM C1901, the first to use standardization in anisotropy measurement, and the first to blend perceptively distortion-free glass into a range of glass types (low-e, anti-reflective, and low-iron).

“The new standard allowed us to set a nanometer value with the stakeholders that we could both agree on, and we ensured that no glass would surpass the agreed value. Combined with our ability to measure distortion, the customer is finally getting quantifiable values on the visual performance of tempered glass. It’s a win-win.” James Cole – Project Manager @ AGNORA.

The project is nothing short of STUNNING and we’re proud to feature this truly game-changing project. A special shout out to Blomberg Windows, Walker Warner, and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

For the full story, click on the link below: