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Dichroic glass and custom print? This project is truly a one-of-a-kind decorative glass marvel designed for the SickKids hospital in Toronto. The aesthetic and emphasis are to spread daylight throughout the area, and these glass panels deliver.
At over 4’ x 16,’ these pieces are immense, adorning the hospital with light and colour. They include x2 10mm pieces of Pilkington Architectural Glass OptiWhite tempered and merged with a PVB interlayer for the major interior components. The same makeup is used but switched to a Trosifol & SentryGlas SentryGlas interlayer and a stunning blue digital frit to deliver the structural solution.
Custom digital ceramic frit is applied to the glass in certain instances to create a smooth transition from interior elements such as white floors and walls to the eye-popping dichroic effect.
Redspire Architectural Glass expertly applied the dichroic film on-site and performed the final installation.
For more information on SickKids Hospital and the ground-breaking work that they do, or to become involved, head to sickkids.ca