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February 21, 2023

Double and Triple Glazed Window & U-Value

Windows are a crucial element of any luxury home, and the number of panes in a window can significantly impact its energy efficiency and overall comfort. Single-glazed windows are the most basic type, consisting of a single pane of glass separating the interior from the exterior. Double and triple-glazed windows, on the other hand, are premium options featuring two and three layers of glass, respectively, with an insulating gas layer between each pane.

One of the most significant benefits of double and triple-glazed windows over single-glazed windows is their high-end quality. They provide a luxurious and sophisticated look and feel to any home, making them an excellent choice for high-end homes.

“Triple-Glazed” Efficiency in a Double!

As the window-to-wall ratios continue to grow, and efficiency standards continue to tighten, the importance of argon retention is a vital performance consideration. AGNORA ensures that your glass will meet all requirements.

To meet these requirements, triple-glazed windows are the way to go, and although triple-glazed windows provide the highest level of insulation and luxury, they are the most expensive option. Double-glazed windows by AGNORA, however, offer an excellent balance between cost and luxury, making them a perfect choice for most high-end homes.

How is this achieved?  Through a blend of high-performance technology including:

  1. Highly versatile solar control Low-e coatings, providing the best balance of light transmission, heat gain management, and increased thermal performance
  2. Warm edge spacers provide a high degree of edge insulation versus traditional steel or aluminium.  By up to 2x
  3. Using a “4th Surface” Low-e further reflects heat energy back into the home, and increases the unit’s thermal efficiency.

Complying with Codes.

Two of the major standards governing fenestration in the United States and Canada are ASHRAE and I-Codes. These two standards organizations mirror values so closely that in 2006 both organizations signed an information-sharing agreement.  The standards can be broken into two categories:

Minimum Efficiency:

ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC

High-Performance Efficiency

ASHRAE 189.1 and IgCC

Many regional codes are modelling off of the higher performance standards, seeing an average R-Value requirement for window, spacer AND frame of 3.8 to 4.0 (0.26 BTU/h*ft2*F).

Thus using high-performance, thermally broken frame systems in conjunction with AGNORA’s high-performance double-glazed unit or standard triple-glazed units will fall well within the code requirements.  As codes continue to evolve to match the performance requirements continually tightening through available standards, AGNORA continues to invest in new technology, innovation and research to ensure our partners are well ahead of the curve.

Tying it all together! The Conclusion!

In summary, upgrading to double or triple-glazed windows can significantly enhance the luxury and energy efficiency of any high-end home. Their superior insulating properties, combined with their sophisticated appeal, make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners seeking to elevate their homes to the next level of luxury.