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AGNORA has had the pleasure of working with some BIG glass for BIG clients. One of those is custom home builder Edgewood Log Homes® / Big Cabin. Master Builder and Architect Brian Schafer and his team of exceptional builders have been constructing enormous, elegant and beautiful log homes for 30 years. Their unrelenting attention to detail and deep appreciation for materials show, and we’re honoured to be the glass of choice for Edgewood’s window systems.

AGNORA fits within Edgewood’s Glass Forest®, a preeminent timber glazing solution that utilizes Western Red Cedars to frame and encapsulate glass provided by AGNORA.  Onsite glazing ensures that the system is fully sealed and waterproof.  Compared to traditional log framing systems, the Glass Forest® maximizes the view through a reduction in visible mullions by utilising these massive timbers.

AGNORA supplies a range of sizes up to 130×300”, Low-e, and double or triple-glazed configurations to meet area energy codes.