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AGNORA Fabricates Glass for Fearless Girl – Broken Ceiling Art Exhibit

The Fearless Girl is a custom bronze sculpture and a representation of female empowerment worldwide. The 4-foot high statue was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) and produced by Kristen Visbal. It debuted on March 7, 2017 and is currently positioned across from the New York Stock Exchange. To celebrate its fourth anniversary and International Women’s Day, the sculpture was transformed using glass art.

Originally, the sculpture was an endorsement for a new Exchange Traded Fund with a focus on gender diverse companies but has since become a fixture for equality across the corporate landscape. As such, the SSGA and advertising firm McCann designed and commissioned Broken Ceiling, a single-day exhibit signifying the ceilings, barriers and obstacles that women continue to shatter on a daily basis.

The installation can best be described by the engraved centerpiece: “Today’s broken glass ceilings are tomorrow’s stepping stones.”

Creating the Project

The custom glass project was commissioned by McCann and fabricated by AGNORA. The complex project consisted of approximately 250 unique glass “shards” that were cut and finished to a diamond high polish, using 12-mm annealed clear provided by Pilkington. Many pieces were then UV glued to form an elevated glass structure that provided the unique look of glass crashing to the ground. The New Motor installed the glass.

“A huge amount of prep work and design optimization went into this project,” says Shari Robinson, vice president of sales and marketing at AGNORA. “Additionally, our production team had to work with many pieces of uniquely shaped glass. From cutting to polishing and custom crating, the project was an exercise in precision and meticulous planning. Our entire team really put together something special.”

Featured in USGLASS USGNN:  https://www.usglassmag.com/2021/03/agnora-fabricates-glass-for-fearless-girl-broken-ceiling-art-exhibit/