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Glass Chiclets Chiclets Chiclets!

They are heavy and serve no other purpose than to showcase laminated glass and all its glory!

So why do we pack them up and drag them to every trade show? Because no matter where we go, these bright glass blocks are always what pull people to the table! We could also display anti-reflective, or bird friendly, or warm edge spacers, or the impressive Vision90. None of that matters when you have these bad boys on the table.  These showstoppers deserve their own post!

We’re not exactly sure if these small 30 lbs monsters are trade named yet, but we’re taking it a step further and locking it in: AGNORA Glass Chiclets™.

For those interested, Vanceva colour interlayer gives them their gorgeous hue and the precision edgework is courtesy of our CNC team.  You may just see some of them at the next show!