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Close up of H&M signage, from outside of the store.

AGNORA provided H&M with oversize architectural glass, laminated and insulated low iron glass units.

Glass Magazine features an AGNORA project, the H&M 5th Ave storefront.

Glass fabricator AGNORA partnered with Mistral Architectural Metal and Glass and Eckersley O’Callaghan Structural Engineering to work with fashion retailer H&M.

Project Details

Oversize architectural glass, laminated and insulated low iron glass units – some with outboard laminate embedded metal fittings to support silhouette signage. One unique unit was actually an “L”-shaped window, beside the main entrance, with a large cut-out to accommodate the fire access panel.
CNC fabricated, laminated low iron triple-ply glass fins – up to 273″ tall

Low iron acid-etch laminates supplemented with white interlayer.

With an all glass storefront bordered by LED backlit laminates, this busy 5th Avenue corner simply glows at night.

Excerpt from the article

The basics: The main storefront of the recently opened, 57,000-square-foot H&M Flagship Store in New York City consists of laminated and insulating glass units with a laminated glass structural fin. Instead of spiders or clips, the project team used a custom toggle system to fasten the oversized face glass back to the glass fin, so there is no visible metal holding the storefront in place. The glass is low-emissivity and low-iron, providing a clear view in and out, without obstruction. Surrounding the storefront are custom-made lightboxes with programmable LEDs.

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