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This stunning stairway expertly installed by Mistral Architectural Metal + Glass, Inc. showcases AGNORA’s unique ability to produce large, complex structural glass assemblies.

Each 93″ x 96″ stringer is 4 layers of 10mm Pilkington Architectural Glass OptiWhite fully tempered, laminated with Trosifol & SentryGlas (SG), and completed with multiple holes to distribute the fittings load and fasten the stair tread. Each piece of glass was independently Heat Soak Tested to effectively reduce the risk of Nickel Sulfide breakage.

Due to the glass edges being exposed to sight and touch after installation, each stringer was finished with AGNORA’s Perfect Align Polish, a proprietary technique in which glass edges are precisely machined, laminated and completed without the need for post-temper polishing to provide a perfect edge.

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