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Loewen, a leading manufacturer of premium windows and doors for the luxury architectural market, awarded AGNORA with the coveted 2019 Supplier of the Year Award for exceptional quality, outstanding timeliness and world-class customer service.  The values of the two companies closely align, creating a fundamental understanding of requirements, goals and timelines.  This in turn helps to define the relationship and creates a mutual trust.  “This award speaks volumes of our team and our partner, Loewen Windows.  It shows that the way that we do business paired with the outstanding quality of our glass, surpasses expectations, and supports our partner to further develop their business and success,” says Richard Wilson, President of AGNORA.

“We’ve seen the partnership with Loewen start out as a small account.  Over the last four years our relationship continued to grow into what we see today, as one of our most valued partnerships,” says Jon Lowrance, Project Manager at AGNORA.  Year-over-year average sales gains of roughly 230% echo that statement, indicating strong trust in AGNORA’s oversized, architectural glass products and a team that delivers.

The spreading demand for oversized, jumbo glass for residential projects also represents an opportunity for AGNORA to bring its quality and customer service to more window and door manufacturers who wish to capitalize on the growth.  With an increase of 135% per year in average sales growth at AGNORA, specifically in the residential segment, suggests that this trend is not likely to slow.

“We see the award from Loewen Windows as an indicator, that in this evolving market, the need for reliable glass partners is a valuable resource,” says Richard.  “We’re happy to be that partner for Loewen and can only see our relationship continuing to thrive.”

Trophy from Loewen Windows to AGNORA for 2019 Supplier of the Year

Award from Loewen Windows to AGNORA for 2019 Supplier of the Year