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Building an exceptional trade show exhibit takes skilled designers, fabricators and installation experts in order to execute a unique showstopper with eye-popping visuals.  It takes vision, hard work and an eye for detail under demanding and often last minute timelines.  The results can be tremendous and push designers and custom fabricators to do even more with their creative expertise.


Partisans (Architects) approached Agnora with the idea to create a fully custom glass booth, to showcase Monogram Appliances new, bold and unique Minimalist Collection.  The concept: To create a space that showed the appliances with nothing to hide, while maintaining a sense of elegance and bringing a certain amount of unique aesthetics to an otherwise cluttered trade show floor.

Agnora worked with Partisans and Monogram to fabricate roughly 20 laminated glass panels that fit together in a custom metal structure.  The oversize (jumbo) glass ranged in breadth with the largest being 9’ wide by 11’ high, and were constructed using a SentryGlas interlayer married to 12mm heat strengthened low-iron glass.   The centrepiece of the display was the 4’ wide by 16’ long, three-layer counter top that stretched across the centre of the show floor and simulated a kitchen island.  This island also included CNC precision cut-outs to hold cooktop samples  and many pieces also incorporated precision holes for standoff locations.


Trade and consumer shows are the ultimate temporary storefront experience, and require a dose of extravagance in order to drive attention and attract visitors.  Exhibits also act as the brands story-telling tool.  Minimal, luxurious, clear, concise and dependable are all words to describe the story that Monogram wished to tell.  Glass is all of those things, and when paired with a creative approach to integrate modern appliances, helped to ground those ideas and bring them visually to life.

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