Louis Moreau, AGNORA’s Senior Technical Specialist (or more affectionately known around the office as “Professor Glass”) met with Glass Canada before getting on stage for his Top Glass presentation on oversized glass, “How to Deal with BigAss Glass”.

Louis talks about working with jumbo and super jumbo glass and all criteria that must be considered such as format, design, using heavy glass, tempering and lamination; all must be designed accordingly.
He also touches on AGNORA’s capabilities, measuring up to a maximum size of 130″ in width and 300″ in length, we can cut, edge, temper & laminate within our Collingwood, Ontario facility.
How does one handle the delivery of such large glass? As Louis mentions, we had to have a truck specially built to handle such large glass. Before we were limited, but with the right partnership, we can deliver these sizes.

About Louis Moreau

Louis has been with AGNORA since its’ early days and has played an instrumental role in the development and success of the company. As Senior Technical Specialist, he brings a unique mix of international experiences in float manufacturing, high performance vacuum coatings, large building glazing, and high-end glass fabrication. Louis consider architecture as the purest form of art and he loves glass. He likes to explore the limits of materials and process to come with innovative solutions that can be build easily. Most ambitious projects include More London Plot 1 and Plot 6; Mid City Place, London UK; Tour Granite, Paris FR; Sperone Westwater Gallery, New York USA, QMA and Onassis Center staircases.

About the Top Glass Conference

Top Glass is Canada’s industry event for the commercial glazing industry. Hosted by Glass Canada magazine, Top Glass brings glazing contractors, curtain wall manufacturers, storefront fabricators, architects and building engineers together for a day of education, networking and review of the latest technology. Top Glass offers four one-hour sessions that qualify for structured learning credits with the Ontario Association of Architects. Admission is free, and all attendees will be issued a certificate confirming attendance and presentation details.