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Georgian Bay House

Resting atop a premiere outlook to iconic Georgian Bay rests a beautifully modern, sophisticated home developed by Setless Architecture of Toronto Ontario.  The residence Is full of modern amenities and a variety of specialized glass embellishes the exterior façade while complimenting the nautical interior.

Using the Vision90

Various glass configurations found their way into the custom framing of this house including curved glass from Cristacurva, and a range of specialty glass by AGNORA, including three (3) leading-edge Vision90 corner IGUs.

“This house is unique in that the owner is passionate about glass, and allowed us to use their home as a testbed to see just how far we could push the Vision90,” says Louis Moreau. “The home is only minutes away from our facility, so it’s a great place to test the endurance and installation procedures for exceptionally large Vision90s.

Vision90s are AGNORA’s answer to flawless sightlines in centerpiece openings. Creating an incredible floor to ceiling view is one thing, but combining that with an invisible corner ensures that the homeowner enjoys truly remarkable views.  The benefit of the Vision90 is that it is still a fully sealed IGU, and can use coated glass and achieve the same thermal performance as traditional IGUs.

Quality Glass

In this instance, the master bedroom, facing both the local harbour as well as the open bay, was an optimal choice for an oversized Vision90 application.  The unit consisted of 10mm tempered Saint Gobain Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 on Diamant to manage SHGC and lighting conditions, while the interior lite used two (2) 6mm pieces of Pilkington’s OptiWhite combined with Kuraray SentryGlas to match the low-iron outer configuration and maintain exceptional strength, all mounted to a 16mm spacer.

Overall the unit measured 102” high and 167” on the long edge and 44” on the short edge.   Two upper floor windows also used the Vision90 system, measuring in at 102”h by 95” on the long edge and 24” on the recess.

A Glass Lovers’ Paradise

Though the Vision90 stole the show, this house is a glass lovers’ paradise.  In no particular order it includes:

  • 145” Diameter Custom skylight (10mm Tempered Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 on Diamant, 16mm spacer, 2-6mm pieces of Heat Strengthened Pilkington’s OptiWhite combined with Trosifol PVB and recessed sides
  • 102”h x 142”w curved glass IGU (10mm Tempered Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33 on Diamant, 16mm spacer, 2-6mm pieces of Heat Strengthened Pilkington’s OptiWhite combined with Kuraray Trosifol PVB and recessed sides
  • Master bathroom glass
  • Glass Balustrades (interior and exterior terrace)
  • A gamut of operable using Dip-Tech NeraD’s ceramic inks to print perimeter frit.

All-in-all, this home utilizes the leading edge in glass use and systems.  The home integrates glass in a way that utilizes its uniqueness, and its ability to define space with more than light, but the aesthetic of the glass and its shape itself.