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AGNORA and Edgewood Log Homes have a long-standing relationship of producing high-quality, one-of-a-kind experiences for their clients. Edgewood Log Homes have been implementing leading-edge design for over 40 years.  They are artisans, on a quest to design and produce robust homes.


Edgewood Log Homes produce a select number of projects for only the most discerning clients.  No detail is too mundane; there is an understanding that each piece of the construction contributes to the final structural, aesthetic, and experiential elements of the home.

Log homes are unique in their look and feel.  There is immense texture and detail to absorb, and glass must complement these characteristics.  AGNORA works with Edgewood Log Homes to produce glass insulated glass units (IGUs) that work at all custom sizes up to 130” x 300”.

The Interplay Between Timber & Glass

There are challenges to building immense log homes, ones which Brian Schafer and his team sought to address.  With over 800 projects completed across the U.S. and Japan, a systemized approach to log home building was developed and is available in a factory-direct model from Big Cabin Log & Timber.  These systems are also integrated through all custom Edgewood Log Homes.

One such system is The Glass Forest®, a preeminent timber glazing solution that utilizes Western Red Cedars to frame and encapsulate glass provided by AGNORA.  Onsite glazing ensures that the system is fully sealed and waterproof.  Compared to traditional log framing systems, the Glass Forest® maximizes the view through a reduction in visible mullions by utilising these massive timbers.  AGNORA supplies a range of sizes up to 130×300”, Low-e, and double or triple glazed configurations to meet area energy codes.

AGNORA As A Valued Partner

“AGNORA is a partner first and foremost.  The Glass Forest® isn’t just a window, it was purpose-designed to maximize views, and the interconnectedness to the great outdoors.  But every region is different, every house orientation is different,” says Adam Mitchell, Marketing Manager at AGNORA.

AGNORA works to specify and develop oversized glass window systems that work to control solar heat gain, maximize daylighting, minimize deflection, and achieve optimal thermal efficiency.  What works in Florida doesn’t work in Montana.  What works in prominently South facing home does not work with a West facing building.   “Our goal is the same as the Glass Forest system, to maximize clarity, to achieve something unique for each client,” says Mitchell.