Hariri Pontarini


AGNORA produced and provided 20,000 sq.ft. of glass overall for the project. A range of oversized insulated glass units (IGUs) to oversized laminates was used throughout the home with an emphasis on creating breathtaking views and unparallel comfort.


The 26000 sq ft house is the jewel against the tranquil shores of Lake Huron.  The concept centred around the idea of glass, stone and bronze and was the brainchild of architect Hariri Pontarini and the owners of the property.

The home isn’t just a home.  According to the owners, it’s a space to inspire, to retreat and to invite the world’s top scientific and political minds.  Solaris is a blend between modern architecture and an inspiration think tank. Sitting atop roughly 51 hectares of land, the property envelopes about an additional kilometre of waterfront.