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At AGNORA we’re all about clear communication and helping our customers and partners cut through the “noise” that’s out there in the glass world. In this post, we’re zeroing in on the the difference between security interlayers and security film. By the end of this post, we hope you have a better understanding of the two, and how they impact your security glazing requirements!

What’s the difference between security film and security glazing? Security film and security interlayers are strikingly different, and though they share similar trade names, their ratings and intended use are a different story.

The most widely used films are 3M’s Solar and Security Films:

S40, S70, S80 are typically used as glass retention systems with EN12600 (pendulum test) results of 2B2 to 1B1 respectively.  These DO provide an element of resistance to vandalism and entry, but primarily hold the glass in place and are designed to resist impacts by adults, children or stray objects (e.g. stray baseball) shattering the glass.

S140, S600, and S800 utilize the EN 356 testing standard for impact and forced entry resistance, achieving a P1A to P4A depending on the type of material and whether it is used in single or double-sided applications. The “A” classification denotes impact resistance only.  Thus, these films are simply impact resistant offering little by way of high security glazing.

When it comes to dedicated security interlayers and laminated glass, intrusion resistance becomes much more robust, able to fall into the “B” category, indicating substantial burglary resistance.   These ratings include P6B, P7B and P8B.

The chart below showcases the difference between the classification types, their use case, total system energy and equivalent products.

We hope that we’ve cut through some of the marketing hype and labelling of these products, arming you with the knowledge to better discuss safety, impact, and security options to your customers in a meaningful way.  “Security” is a term that is loosely used, and the below chart will give you the best available tool to assist your client in choosing the right element of protection vs cost.

What do you think? Did we miss something? Should we add something? Comment or DM us with your thoughts!

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