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Certified Impact Rated Glass for Retail, Commercial & Residential


Download this convenient one-pager on AGNORA’s Security Glass Solutions – SecureGlaze™

Keep The BIG View

Don’t sacrifice the view for safety.  The only North American glass fabricator who can produce fully certified impact glass up to 130″ x 300.”

Incredible Lead Times

With some of the fastest lead times in the industry, averaging 4-6 weeks, AGNORA ensures your project stays on time your project is quickly enclosed.

Certified Impact Rated

AGNORA’s SecureGlaze™ glass is independently tested and third-party certified.  Don’t take our word for it.  Take our certificates.

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Protect Your Property with

State-of-the-Art SecureGlaze™ Glass

Security glass windows for ultimate peace of mind, without compromising on aesthetics. Our laminated security glass sets the industry benchmark in protection and clarity using the latest testing methodology and third-party certification which is available upon request.

Why Choose AGNORA’s Laminated Security Glass?

Certified Protection

Our glass undergoes rigorous testing through third-party test facilities and achieves top certifications – ensuring you get the best in glass window protection. See the chart below.

Unmatched Impact Resistance

Boasting the highest impact rating (EN 356 P8B), our window laminate security technology, SecureGlaze™ ensures resilience against the most forceful intrusions. Don’t take our word for it. See the testimonials below.

Unprecedented Size

At 130″ x 300″, our glass is the largest to hold the coveted P8B impact rating, suitable for any application, from storefronts to panoramic home views. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice visibility for safety!

Crystal Clear Transparency

Our low iron laminated safety glass combines uncompromising security with pristine optical quality, thanks to our “hazeless” options. Experience window safety glazing that doesn’t obscure or distort your view through different interlayer applications.


Providing certified, impact-rated glass for a variety of luxury brands and retailers.  Take the guesswork out of your glass requirements.

These ratings provide maximum protection and are counted as “broken” when a 4″ opening is made.  This is enough to fit a hand through only…still not the best for robbery.

EN356 Certification

ISO 16936 Certification

ASTM F1233 Rating

Impact Energy (Joules)

Hazeless Options

Example Impacts

EN356 – P4A

ISO 16936 – P4A

F1233 – 1.0 (equivalent)

1100 J


3 Sledgehammer Strikes

EN356 – P5A

ISO 16936 – P5A

F1233 – 1.1 (equivalent)

3, 300 J


9 Sledgehammer Strikes

EN356 – P6B

ISO 16936 – P1B

F1233 – 1.4 (equivalent)

9, 900 J


27 Sledgehammer Strikes

EN356 – P7B

ISO 16936 – P2B

F1233 – 2.0 (equivalent)

17, 850 J


48 Sledgehammer Strikes

EN356 – P8B

ISO 16936 – P3B

F1233 – 2.2/2.4 (equivalent)

21, 900 J


60 Sledgehammer Strikes


Our dedication to innovation in safety and clarity is unparalleled. Designed with incredibly low levels of distortion, zero haze and available with low-e, antireflective and nano-coatings to improve durability, AGNORA’s range of SecureGlaze™ solutions offer unparallel optics for your storefront.

Which user are you?  Find detailed information specific to your profession below:

Brands & Luxury Retailers

Display your high-value products confidently behind our secure, clear glazing.



Infuse state-of-the-art security into your designs without aesthetic compromise.


Commercial Property Owners

Fortify your property and protect your assets in sleek style.


Window Manufacturers & Glaziers

Offer your clients the ultimate in security glazing and peace of mind.


What are the different certifications available for security and impact glass?

AGNORA uses the EN 356 and ISO 16936 to test the durability of glass makeups and the overall maximum energy a glass lite can endure.  These ratings are third-party verified, with certificates available upon request. Other rating systems include ASTM F1233 and UL975. ASTM is robust and non-certified (it is a test methodology only) and UL 975 is used in extreme hot or cold environments.

Is there a size limitation to SecureGlaze™ impact and security glass?

Just your imagination!  In fact, as the largest glass fabricator in North America, you can fully certify AGNROA’s SecurGlaze™ up to 130″ x 300.” That’s a lot of coverage! 

How thick and heavy is SecureGlaze™ impact rated security glazing?

Here are the size and thickness examples for a variety of ratings. 

  • P5A – 14.3mm | 30 kg/m²  or 0.55″ | 6.14 lbs/ft²
  • P6B – 15mm | 30 kg/m²  or 0.60″ | 6.14 lbs/ft²
  • P8B – 22.6mm | 45 kg/m²  or 0.90″ | 9.22 lbs/ft²

Can I use SecureGlaze™ with other coatings?

SecureGlaze™ impact rated security glass by AGNORA is fully compatible with:

  • All available Low-e coatings offered by AGNORA
  • All first surface coatings such as bird-friendly and anti-reflective coatings
  • Diamon-Fusion coating used to minimize cleaning cycles also builds a tough outer layer, perfect to stop scratches from beaks, claws, and other sharp animal parts

Can SecureGlaze™ be used in any frame system?

Yes, SecureGlaze™ can be used in any framing system that will accept the width. Full system certification may be required by the window and door manufacturer. 


Download this convenient one-pager on AGNORA’s Security Glass Solutions – SecureGlaze™

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