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Creating beautiful glass is something AGNORA works toward every day, but sometimes, it’s just good to smash some glass.

In actuality, this is our P5A testing. P5A designated glass is tested using a 4.1kg (9lbs) ball , dropped from 9m (30′), 9 times (in a rotation of three spots on the glass – each spot is hit 3 times). The total energy the system can resist before breakage is 3258J, the top of the line for impact resistant glass.

AGNORA is also fully certified with P6B and P8B designations for burglar / forced entry resistant glass.


– Professional actors were used to recreate the ball drop “experience.” No glass was shattered during acting for safety, and through the miracle of modern editing, was placed in after the actors were safely in their trailers.

– The testing environment is a closed system with safety barriers on all sides and locked entry when testing is underway.