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At AGNORA we like to scan everything! No, we don’t mean using copiers and fax machines, we mean glass.  In fact, AGNORA now uses four (4) types of scanning devices throughout the plant on multiple processes to ensure the high-quality of our glass products.

Our newest addition is the SYNERGX Technologies Surfx flat glass scanner. This scanner sits between the wash and entrance of the lamination line and detects surface defects on the glass, which could cause poor lamination (aesthetic, delamination, autoclave issues) results.

The scanner is based on Synergx’s automotive scanning technology and is their entrance into the architectural glass industry. The scanner has excellent detection technology and the information provided can be easily interpreted by our staff allowing for on-demand, rapid decisions on glass quality. This scanner allows us to save time by rejecting glass before the lamination process commences and adds yet another layer of quality control and loss aversion to AGNORA’s already advanced fleet of scanners.

Our other scanning locations include:

Seaming: Scanning for point defects, scratches, pitting, residues and edge quality

Tempering: Scanning for distortion including roller wave and edge curl

IGU: Scanning for defects from the rest of the processes before assembly and for anisotropy

Got questions about how we manage our quality? DM or email us at sales@agnora.com

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