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It’s that time of year for a wrap-up video. What a 2021 it’s been. As with many companies, we continued to navigate the global health crisis while maintaining our amazing culture and events. It’s not always easy to celebrate and recognize each other’s efforts, but this year the events team did so many special things to help us feel connected.  From our 10th anniversary to our golf tournament to our incredible Christmas Tree event, we managed to make some fantastic new memories.

As far as production, we’re shakin’ and bakin’…well more just bakin’ with the upgrade NiP process in lamination, and we continue to evolve our technology throughout the building. We’ve seen new teammates come on board and take up their positions with passion, and we’ve produced some truly breathtaking projects.

We’re proud of our people, we’re proud of our achievements, and we’re thankful to have great partners and customers.

Thank you, everyone, who was part of the AGNORA story this year.

Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.

P.S. AGNORA will be closed for the week of December 27 to December 31st. We will be reopening on January 3rd.