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In case you didn’t catch USGlass Magazine­­® Product Spotlight yesterday, we’re proud to showcase our newest release! QuikGlaze Pockets are the next step in AGNORA’s product evolution and are the perfect solution for exceptionally clean aesthetics and rapid on-site installation of architectural IGUs. QuikGlaze Pockets are self-centring and self-levelling allowing designers, architects, and glaziers to obtain perfectly positioned pockets.
QuikGlaze Pockets can integrate with existing toggle systems that mechanically attach IGUs to the structure. Achieve the same aesthetic as Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) while using traditional gaskets. Compared to traditional SSG, the QuikGlaze Pocket system allows for fast installation in any temperature or weather condition while preserving a flat, easy-to-clean façade!
Want to know which toggles systems these can work with, or have a job you would like talk pockets? Then check out the following links to learn more and get in touch.