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Flashback Friday and a newly released BTS shot of The Oculus at the Assemblée National in historic Quebec City. The project is a stunning integration of glass clarity, precision machining, and structural glass components blending together for a striking result.

The project has a little (…or a lot) of everything:

  • An outside diametre of 5.6m (221”) combining three massive IGUs
  • Supported by two complex 5-layer laminates that hold 2900Kg (6400lbs) of precision radius IGUs
  • Digital printed frit with custom mixed colours to perfectly blend with the façade

The supports are a unique feature to this project. Not only are they constructed to support the IGUs but serve to “frame” the parliament buildings when peering through from below.

For the makeup:

  • A 5-layer laminate of 12mm (1/2”) Optiwhite by Pilkington combined with a SentryGlas® interlayer, totalling a thickness of 66mm  (2 5/8”)
  •  Extremely long and narrow totalling 500cm (191”) x 40cm (16”) creating challenging alignments and tempering processes
  • The top length of the beams were mitred at 5° to support the slanted IGUs, resulting in each piece of the 5-layers to be individually CNCd and painstakingly aligned in the lamination process to create a perfectly flush alignment
  • The exposed edge was fully polished (NON-post temper)
  • Every support was engineered with a notch to allow it to be placed along the structural support of the building

Check out the project page: https://agnora.com/projects/the-oculus-quebec-national-assembly/ for a complete project breakdown!