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Zoom fatigue. Endless webinars. These sorts of presentations are taking a toll, and we see and feel it just as much as everyone else. To that end, we work hard to create compelling and meaningful interactions that connect our partners to our people, especially in this digital time.

One of our greatest assets is the virtual tour which we developed near the start of the global health crisis. It is a way to bring the plant experience to everyone and connect with people face-to-face.  Recently we gave this tour to Andrew Haring VP of Business Development at the National Glass Association (NGA) and we think his words embody our approach the best.

Thank you Andrew and the team at NGA for your time, effort, and all the things you do for our industry. Check out the post here:


DO YOU WANT A TOUR?  Email sales@agnora.com!  We would be happy to give you one!