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AGNORA is proud to announce that our website was awarded Website of the Week by USGlass News Network.

AGNORA’s website features numerous projects that we have worked on including Microsoft’s 5th Avenue Flagship, The Onassis Cultural Center and The Aspen Art Museum. On the project page, a user can peruse multiple projects and click on a project that most appeals to them to learn more about the details behind the project, along with more images.

As well, AGNORA has a video library that features all of the processes available. Thanks to leading-edge technology and the largest, top performing equipment in North America, AGNORA is able to temper, machine, laminate and insulate various thickness of glass up to a maximum size of 130″ x 300″. These videos walk you through all of the processes to better understand AGNORA’s approach and to give you a look behind the scenes.

AGNORA also offers an exciting news feed that features project case studies, industry articles and awards.

Enjoy the site! Reach us at sales@agnora.com