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Do you love amazing print on glass? It doesn’t get much better than this! Check out the production pics for W.L Hall & Company and the new Vesterheim Commons project located in Decorah, Iowa.

Designed to accentuate and embolden the architecture surrounding it, these giant IGUs use a precise blend of AGNORA’s extensive colour palette and precision printing, while ranging in size up to 96″ x 128″.

For solar, thermal and wind load performance Guardian Industries‘ balanced SN68 on UltraClear (low iron) at a 10mm thickness was used on the outboard light. The inboard lite consisted of x2 6mm Pilkington Architectural Glass‘ OptiWhite (low iron) with the ceramic print embedded within the laminate.

The result is a stunningly clear, picture-perfect ceramic print. But don’t take our word for it, check out the production pics!

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