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Largest Glass in North America

AGNORA is a fabricator of the largest glass in North America. Our 225,000 sq.ft. facility is designed to accommodate sizes up to 130" x 300," allowing for the creation of truly monumental projects and a superb, unimpeded visual experience.

Award Winning Customer Service

Our team-based approach means that you're always able to reach someone quickly, on the phone, no questions asked. We're here for you when it's good, and we solve problems when it isn't. We walk the walk, AND talk the talk.

The On-Time Local Partner

Our North America-based fabrication facility means we're fast and nimble, able to ship projects in as little as four weeks. Our dedicated carriers are hand-picked, delivering on-time, every time.

Guardian Glass

Size: Up to 130″ x 240″ in coated stock

Inventoried Products:

  • SN68 on Ultra Clear
  • SN 68
  • SNX 62/27


Size: Up to 126″ x 300″ in coated stock

Inventoried Products:

  • Planitherm XN II
  • Cool-Lite XTREME 70/33 II on Diamant (low iron)
  • Cool-Lite SKN 076 II on Diamant (low iron)
  • Cool-Lite XTREME 61/29 II

Pilkington / NSG


  • Up to 130″ x 240″ in coated stock
  • Up to 130″ x 300″ in uncoated stock

Inventoried Products:

  • Energy Advantage on OptiWhite (low iron)
  • Energy Advantage
  • OptiWhite (low iron)
  • Clear
  • Cool-Lite XTREME 61/29 II

Specialty Glass

Size: Variable

Inventoried Products:

  • Mirror Glass
  • Acid Etch
  • Bird Friendly (printed, acid etch, UV and interlayer)
  • Traction Glass

Edgework & Polishing & CNC

Custom, high quality, and oversized architectural glass goes through an incredible transformation from its original form to its final shape. Experienced CNC operators create brilliant works including custom shapes for art exhibits, staircases, windows, and skylights.

Custom Ceramic Printing

AGNORA’s leading edge Dip-Tech NeraD ceramic printer provides incredible imaging possibilities for high-quality architectural glass applications. From printing custom artwork, to bird friendly frit, to entire building murals, AGNORA provides perfectly implemented, permanent, and striking oversize (up to 130″ x 300”) custom digital print solutions.

Tempering & Heat Strengthening

Tempering is the process of heating the glass to near melting temperatures and rapidly “quenching” it with cool air in order to mechanical stress the glass and create a strong, resilient “skin” that is anywhere from x2 to x4 times stronger to that of the original annealed glass. Tempering is required when safety or durability is required on oversized glass lites.

Lamination, Interlayers and HST

Laminating architectural glass provides an effective, robust way to increase glass thickness and strength, and incorporate custom elements such as colour and tint. From structural windows, to stairways, to bridges, and art exhibits, laminated architectural glass finds its way into every aspect of our daily lives.

Insulated Glass Units (IGU)

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) or “windows” come in many forms, thicknesses and finishing types. AGNORA specializes in creating high-quality IGUs for residential, retail and commercial spaces using the newest technology and practices to achieve a higher level of durability, clarity and performance.

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